Hello! I’m Chloe…

The chocoholic, one-woman show behind Chloe’s Cakes. I pride myself in making the most unique, beautiful, and delicious cakes. I specialise in buttercream cakes; I love the finish buttercream gives and it tastes delicious!

My journey started at a young age when I would bake cakes with my mum. I set up cake stalls in my living room, filmed pretend cooking shows with my sister, and made up my own recipes (not always with edible results!) I knew from then that this was what I would do for the rest of my life. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to turn a passion into a career and I feel very lucky to be able to do something I love every day. I adore baking and I hope that shows in every cake that leaves my kitchen. 


This is my cooking corner where I spend most of my time creating my cakes. My baking supplies aren’t confined to this corner however, and seem to be taking over my entire kitchen!

My cakes are like people: no two are the same. Each one is designed to fit an individual’s taste; it can be decorated with their favourite chocolates, flowers, berries, and more. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to baking and won’t stop until a cake looks just how I envisaged it.

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